Hala Systems

by NFPD_Admin
August 7, 2020

Hala Systems

Ruggedized IoT Smart Power-Outlet


Hala Systems provides critical data to civilians exposed to conflicts and natural disasters. Known for the life-saving “Sentry Warning System,” Hala Systems continues to reduce harm, increase security, and stabilize communities.


Hala Systems partnered with NextFab’s Product Development team to design, test, and manufacture an Internet-connected electronic switch. The durable, reliable, and user-friendly switch enables remote activation of civil defense sirens.


+ Integrating the device into the larger Sentry System. NextFab developed a system architecture for the smart power outlet by taking a holistic view of Sentry’s current system, including taking into account critical security concerns. In collaboration with Hala’s engineers, the NextFab team developed a custom protocol for the device to connect and communicate with the pre-existing Sentry system.

+ Power Engineering. NextFab carefully selected hardware and built the device to safely handle the power surge imposed when a siren is activated. The load is comparable to the power needed to start a car engine.

+ Dependability. It was important that the device would be low-maintenance, yet reliable, in conditions with inconsistent power and Internet connectivity. NextFab’s Product Development team added protections that will withstand brownout power conditions and enable the device to quickly recover from Internet outages.

+ Expedited Manufacturing. Once the design was finalized and tested, the NextFab team expedited the manufacturing process by using in-house capabilities to build a batch of production-quality devices. Finally, the team guided and directly supported the full-scale production of the device on the assembly line at a local contract manufacturer.

NextFab provided workable solutions to the complex electrical engineering, industrial design, firmware development, and manufacturing requirements Hala Systems presented when looking to fabricate the Ruggedized IoT Smart Power Outlet. The devices are currently deployed worldwide and used in some of the toughest places on earth, such as war zones and disaster areas.

Hala Systems
Hala Systems
Hala Systems
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“Next Fab is an indispensable partner for our organization. Their expertise and professionalism have enabled us to deploy critical, reliable hardware to those in need-reducing harm, increasing security, and stabilizing communities.”

Ryan Bednar, Hala Systems

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