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In-House Prototyping

Design, engineering, and prototyping go hand in hand. With access to cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, our team can rapidly build and iterate the prototypes we design for our clients directly from our makerspace. We’re strong advocates of regional manufacturing, especially during initial production scale-up, if at all possible. This enables you to be close to the manufacturing process to check quality, answer questions, and deal with the inevitable unexpected challenges. To that end, we’ve built relationships with regional manufacturers and and work closely with these companies and our clients to smoothly transition the design to their facilities.

Some of our services include: 

+ 3D Printing
Laser cutting
CNC routing
+ Metalworking & welding
Electronics assembly, re-work, and testing
+ Sewing

Our prototyping philosophy is rooted in learning by doing, in a controlled and strategic approach. This means building and testing, to find the best design for a prototype. For many of our successfully created products, we will build a works-like prototype to confirm concepts of device function. If we need to know what form factor for a wearable device will be most intuitive and comfortable for users, we build looks-like models of various concepts to test in the real world. If the biggest risk to product adoption is whether it will fit into the workflow in a hospital, we build a set of Beta prototypes for a pilot study. This is strategic, user-centered development allows us to fully prototype successful and functions products.

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