Case Study: Circalux Proximity Sensing Light

A team of Thomas Jefferson University medical students had an idea about how to help hospital patients get better, more restful sleep. They came to NextFab’s Product Development team in need of professional design and engineering expertise to make this idea a reality. We partnered with these innovators to overcome their funding and product design […]

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Start with the problem, not the solution

Start with the Problem, Not the Solution

Have you ever had that “Eureka!” moment? Perhaps a new product idea comes to you in a flash of insight. Or you’ve created something on the fly to solve a problem and realized it had potential. If you’re like most people, you want to get started on hardware prototyping right away. You can see it […]

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Jefferson Health Hackathon

Reimagining Healthcare The Jefferson Health Hackathon is a yearly, three-day event which happened from November 1-3, 2019. During this event teams gather to answer some of healthcare’s biggest problems and prototype solutions to fix them. Each team selects one of three predetermined tracks and spends those next few days configuring their solutions. The 2019 Jefferson […]

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Open Source PPE during the COVID-19 Crisis

How can we help? On Thursday, March 26th we invited participants to listen in and inquire, as we sat down with Dr. Evan Malone, founder and president of NextFab, during our first NextFab Webinar. Evan and team are immersed in Philadelphia’s efforts to supply open source PPE resources for the medical industry during the COVID-19 […]

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Let’s Build Something—Together

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