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We approach industrial design with a combination of genuine curiosity and professional rigor, and our process starts with you. We work hard to understand both your vision for the product and the needs of your users, which help us guide the design process. We work our way from hand-sketched concepts, to CAD design, and finally to physical models that you can use to develop the finished product. We use multiple iterations of prototyping to test your product’s assumptions and develop its design.

Our designers are involved in each project from start to finish and work closely with engineers to ensure form, function, and usability are all considered. We are also makers ourselves, so we understand what it takes to design a functional product. Utilizing NextFab’s equipment and resources, we can design, build, and iterate your prototype all within our well-equipped makerspace facility. With this in mind, we will always provide a practical design that looks great, functions properly, and can easily be scaled-up.


Some of our services include:

+ Brainstorming and concept ideation
+ 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modeling
+ Product rendering
+ Prototype fabrication

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