by Matt Bell
October 7, 2020


Connected Nicotine Vaporizer Device


Hava Health is developing Hale, a connected nicotine vaporizer device aimed at helping smokers quit. Their approach is to automatically reduce the user’s nicotine intake over time in an effort to wean them off smoking entirely. The idea was born out of the founders’ personal and family struggles with nicotine addictions. They have continued to drive Hale forward with their company mission at the forefront—“Everything we do, every decision we make is driven to increase the smoking cessation success rate, and to deliver the best possible experience for those looking to quit.”


Hava Health initially engaged NextFab’s Product Development team to review the mechanical components of their device and evaluate its design for manufacturability. In order for them to begin the FDA testing process, they needed to create injection-molded prototypes.

NextFab conducted a design for injection molding analysis which revealed a list of proposed changes to the device components. After observing these findings, Hava partnered with NextFab to refine the design of the product and prepare it for injection molding.


NextFab worked with Hava’s Electrical Engineer to develop a method to attach their main printed circuit assembly, a USB charger interconnect board, and a magnetic linking section to the product base.

After speaking to several plastic part manufacturers, NextFab adjusted or eliminated any features that would make injection molding either expensive or impossible. The end result was a consolidated set of 11 separate components, multiple assembly fixtures for small scale production, and an overall product design that could be manufactured and assembled more easily.

NextFab worked closely with a local manufacturer to create a complete set of injection-molded parts for the Hale Vaporizer System’s Beta prototype, which includes their vaporizer and a magnetic charging base.

Hava was able to produce a complete set of injection molded parts and assemble the refined product design for testing. Click here to see the latest from this innovative company.

Hala Systems
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