The CALM Device

by Matt Bell
October 7, 2020

The CALM Device

Handheld Stress De-escalation Tool


CALM is a portable device that uses audio-tactile stimulation to reduce levels of acute stress. It works by emitting small pulses of sound and vibration which have been shown to influence the electrical activity in the brain and help with stress de-escalation. Its compact size allows it to fit in your pocket, bag, or purse, so you can bring it wherever you go. 


Kovarvic, the company developing CALM, engaged NextFab’s Product Development team to redesign and prototype the device enclosure. They came to us with a working prototype and a clear vision for the look, feel, and user experience of the device. Our task was to execute this vision in a design suitable for large-scale manufacturing.


By working closely with the Kovarvic team, we were able to re-engineer the shell for injection molding while ensuring that we retained the device’s original design intent. When designing a small handheld device, every detail counts. We paid close attention to the plastic injection locations in order to keep the exterior surfaces clear of process marks, and we created hidden features that allowed the shell to snap together seamlessly.

With this being a hand-held device, material selection for the enclosure was critical. We coordinated closely with the client and their manufacturer to select the most suitable material combination and designed a rubber-like over-molded section to improve grip and comfort. Throughout the process, we utilized in-house 3D printing to rapidly prototype and allow the client to feel the part in their hands as we dialed in the design.

The client ordered and assembled a set of the devices, which will be used in an upcoming pilot study.

Hala Systems
Hala Systems
CALM device render
CALM device render
CALM outside shell
CALM inside shell
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